What age do kids get phones?

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What age do kids get phones?

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The age that kids get phones is by age 10 although some kids don't get phones until age 14.

However I've seen some kids have phones as early as age 6 to 8 years old and I'm sure some kids have phones even earlier.

But the majority of kids have phones by 10 to 14 years old.

By the time kids are in middle school, the pressure from kids can be intense, and parents worry that their child will feel isolated if other kids have phones and they don't.

42 percent of kids have a phone by age 10.

By age 12, it's 71 percent.

By 14, it's 91 percent.

Pediatricians say that waiting until 13 to give children cellphones is a good rule to follow as a general guideline, but since “parents know their children and their level of maturity and ability to handle a cellphone the best, that takes precedence over general recommendations.

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