Does Millie Moon run big or small?

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Does Millie Moon run big or small?

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Millie Moon diapers run big and also Rascal and Friends diapers run big.

A Millie Moon diaper and Rascal and Friends diaper in size 6 is equal to a size 7 Pampers or size 7 Gentle Steps diaper.

Millie Moon diapers are sold at Target stores and online.

If you have no Target stores near you then you can order Millie Moon diapers online from and have them shipped to you.

Millie Moon is a Target brand that is sold exclusively by Target stores.

Walmart does not sell Millie Moon diapers as they are exclusively sold at Target.

Certified by Dermatest, an independent dermatological testing program, Millie Moon diapers and Millie Moon products are gentle on your little one's delicate skin.

The Dermatest seal certifies that results show the product to be free from contact skin allergens and reactors in sensitised volunteers in controlled testing.

Millie Moon diaper are very identical to Rascal and Friends diapers.

So if you want to have a diaper like Millie Moon diapers but don't have a Target store near you then you can purchase Rascal and Friends diapers at Walmart.

Or you can order Millie Moon diapers online.

Millie Moon diapers and Rascal and Friends diapers are better than Pampers, Huggies and Luvs.

Or if you're looking for a goof quality and budget diaper for your toddler or baby I would recommend Gentle Steps diapers from Dollar General.

Gentle Steps diapers from Dollar General are cheap but also very absorbent.

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