As a child, did you make up a word to call your poop, and if so, do you use it today as an ABDL?

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asked Sep 21, 2023 in AB/DL by BabyBoy2023 (150 points)
As a toddler around 2.5, I used to refer to my poop as "gur," pronounced like "girl," but without the l. Today, though I wish not to engage in any type of roleplay with anyone or have anyone change me, I use my fondest memories of enjoying myself in a gurry diaper as a toddler to have fun when in the privacy of my bedroom or bathroom. It is a coping mechanism to deal with having IBS with occasional bouts of diarrhea, though I only use the firm poop as a way of having fun. Anyhow, what did you call your poop as a kid, and do you still think of the word or actually use it aloud? Does it excite you to some degree when you hear someone else say it to you or if you say it? I find the word "gur" to be extremely pleasurable, and I wonder if there are others like me, who have made-up words for their poop.

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answered Sep 21, 2023 by diamdiaper (1,630 points)
As a child I used to call my poop boo boo.

When I was in diapers before being potty trained and I would poop my diaper as a 2 year old I would start saying I boo boo my diaper.

It was pretty close to saying poo poo but I was saying boo boo and I still use the word today to refer to poop in my diaper or my other poop as boo boo.

When I'm with my mom I still sometimes say that to her that I have to go go boo boo and she laughs and remembers me saying that as a toddler.

My little brother when he was in diapers would say his poop was chocowate as in saying chocolate.

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