Who else likes the feel of warm firm poop in the seat of their diapers?

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asked Sep 21, 2023 in ABDL by BabyBoy2023 (150 points)
As an ABDL, my favorite thing of all is to fill my diaper with a firm hot poop and stand there, enjoying the way it feels as the diaper caresses the poop against my butt. It is one of my clearest memories of being a toddler, and I loved doing it then. Sometimes I sway from side-to-side, another fun thing I did as a toddler in a poopy diaper, and I enjoy the way the load shifts on my butt from the left to the right and vice-versa.

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answered Sep 21, 2023 by diamdiaper (1,830 points)
I also love the warm poop in the seat of my diapers.

I love walking around in a poop filled diaper and even sitting down in a poop diaper and squishing it around.

I even love going to the park and going down the slides and on the swings in a poop filled diaper.

Also getting on those spring toys such as the spring horse at the park here and riding that thing in a poop diaper or even a wet diaper feels awesome.

As a child I used to call my poop boo boo.

When I was in diapers before being potty trained and I would poop my diaper as a 2 year old I would start saying I boo boo my diaper.

It was pretty close to saying poo poo but I was saying boo boo and I still use the word today to refer to poop in my diaper or my other poop as boo boo.

When I'm with my mom I still sometimes say that to her that I have to go go boo boo and she laughs and remembers me saying that as a toddler.

My little brother when he was in diapers would say his poop was chocowate as in saying chocolate.
commented Oct 22, 2023 by Gug (370 points)
I love my pooey nappy, nothing beats that warm squishy feeling. Makes me number 3 many times!

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