How bad is vaping for lungs?

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asked Sep 16, 2023 in Other- Health by JaredCohee (1,160 points)
How bad is vaping for lungs?
commented Sep 20, 2023 by Margorita92 (220 points)
I also wanted to say that it's widely accepted that vaping is generally less harmful than smoking cigarettes, which involve combustion and produce tar and other carcinogens.

That said, it's important to note that "less harmful" doesn't mean "harmless." Many e-liquids contain nicotine, which is addictive, and some studies have shown that vaping could potentially affect lung health. Moreover, not all vaping products are created equal. For example, if you're looking for higher-quality products, you might want to check out Lost Mary Vape at . They offer a range of vapes that use high-grade ingredients, aiming for a purer, cleaner vaping experience.

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answered Sep 18, 2023 by Margorita92 (220 points)
While vaping may be a better alternative to traditional smoking, it's crucial to remember that there are still risks involved, especially if you have pre-existing lung conditions or other health issues.

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