What is the 30 30 rule for minimalists?

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What is the 30 30 rule for minimalists?

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The 30 30 rule for minimalists is rule that helps you avoid unnecessary purchases.

For example if something that you want costs more than $30.00, you would ask myself whether you can get by without it for the next 30 hours.

Hence, “the 30/30 Rule.” (If it's $100.00 or more, you tend to wait 30 days.)

Another minimalists rule is the 90/90 rule.

A minimalists 90/90 rule is a decluttering process that requires you to ask yourself two questions about objects you're not sure about: Have you used it in the past 90 days?

And if not, will you use it in the 90 days ahead?

Minimalists spend money on all sorts of things all the time.

The difference lies in what they spend money on.

Minimalist's choose to spend money on experiences, true necessities, personal growth, and others.

They choose not to spend money on extra stuff that is bound to become clutter.

A minimalist lifestyle is intentionally living with fewer possessions and focusing only on the ones you need.

Living with less may be the right choice if you're feeling overwhelmed with clutter, if you're looking for fewer distractions, or if you're looking to cut back on spending.

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