Should I wear Adult Diapers on A long Road Trip?

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asked Jul 1, 2018 in Car by Jeniji (300 points)
Should I wear Adult Diapers on A long Road Trip?

I'm going on a long 1,000 mile road trip in a few weeks and will be driving and I wet the bed at night and wear diapers for the bed wetting but I also find myself having to pee when driving on a road trip and having no restroom near by when I need to pee and I almost pee my pants trying to hold the pee in.

Should I wear diapers during the road trip?

How do I get a diaper into the restroom to change my wet diaper if I do wear the diapers on the road trip?

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answered Jul 1, 2018 by Pamperslover (11,660 points)
Yes you should wear a diaper on the long road trip since you have trouble holding it in.

I used to hate road trips when I wasn't wearing diapers and needed a place to pee but since I started wearing diapers 24/7 including road trips I find the road trip more enjoyable in diapers.

When I need to pee and I'm driving down the road I just let loose and pee in the diaper instead of holding it back until I find a restroom.

As for getting a new diaper into the restroom I just put the new clean one in my pants by sliding it into my pants and then walk into the restroom if people are around.

If it's at a rest stop where no one else is around I just carry the new diaper into the restroom.

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