Do walmart 2 walmart money transfers expire?

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Do walmart 2 walmart money transfers expire?

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Walmart 2 Walmart money transfers do expire within 90s days of the money being sent.

Once someone sends you money through Walmart 2 Walmart money transfer you have up to 90 days to pick up the money.

If the money is not picked up within 90 days from Walmart then Walmart gives the money back to the sender.

It's always best to pick up the money within the same day or at least a few days once the money has been sent to you through Walmart 2 Walmart.

To pick up the money you will need the reference number that the person sending you the money will give you and you need your ID.

Show your ID and give the reference number at the money center in Walmart and they will give you the money.

To send money through Walmart 2 Walmart visit the Money Services Center or customer service desk at any Walmart store.

Inform the associate that you want to use Walmart2Walmart to send money.

Provide your photo ID and the recipient's name, address, and phone number.

Enter the amount you want to send and choose your payment method - cash or debit card.

To pick up cash at Walmart, you will need to bring a valid government-issued photo ID matching the name on your account and the cash pick up barcode generated from your account or the number that the sender will receive.

Cash pick up services are available at the Walmart MoneyCenter or Customer Service.

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