Do electric radiator heaters use a lot of electricity?

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Do electric radiator heaters use a lot of electricity?

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Electric radiator heaters do use a lot of electricity.

An electric radiator heater uses 1,500 watts of electricity on high and can cost 14 cents per hour or sometimes more to operate depending on your electric rates.

If you use the electric radiator heater for 10 hours a day then it would cost you roughly $1.50 to $2.00 per day to operate or if you operate more than one for 24 hours per day your bill could go up to $150.00 to $200.00 a month.

Electric radiators are a good idea to help supplement your furnace although they are not good at being the sole heating source.

Electric radiators put out nice hot and even heat and are quiet to operate and are safer than electric fan heaters.

However the electric radiator heaters do use a lot of electricity so using them constantly or a lot can run up your electric bill.

Running one electric radiator can cost you $150.00 per month on your electric bill so they are not cheap to run.

It's cheaper to run your natural gas or propane furnace and use the electric radiator heaters to heat colder rooms that are not being heated properly with the furnace or use the electric radiator heaters to increase the heat when the furnace cannot keep up on really cold days.

However turning your furnace down and using electric radiator heaters or other electric heaters will not save you money as it costs more to heat with electricity than it does with natural gas or propane.

It's always cheaper to use the natural gas furnace or propane furnace to heat your home.

Electric space heaters including electric radiator heaters are meant for supplemental heating and not for sole heating source.

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