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asked Aug 23, 2023 in Marketing - Advertising by Benowen (160 points)
I am running a business and from some days my database is not working well and my business process is working very slow. I am facing difficulty in monitoring the functionality  and productivity of my business. I need suggestions from where I may get experts who could solve my issue.
commented Aug 27, 2023 by valtt79 (140 points)
Hello everyone .. it's certainly very sad to hear that your database software product does not work well, because the whole work of your enterprise depends on it and affects all processes. and if you're interested, take a look here:

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answered Aug 23, 2023 by BellaHad (140 points)
Good afternoon. On one forum, read the advice of a programmer, what to do if the base is a little "dumb". That you need to do an unloading method Unload data from the base, and restored this archive to a new base. After this procedure, the speed of 1C became much better. It says that when we save the base through Save Data, then some files format. I hope I was able to help at least a little.
commented Aug 24, 2023 by Mishal (100 points)
Услуга администрирования базы данных - очень хорошая услуга, работающая и приносящая много пользы. Если вам нужно переместить большой объем данных с физического сервера на облачный сервер (или наоборот), мы гарантируем оперативную миграцию с высокой степенью защиты. против киберугроз. Наши услуги удаленного администрирования баз данных также включают в себя резервное копирование всех данных и перенос копий на отдельный ресурс для восстановления

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