What proxy do you use?

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asked Aug 10, 2023 in Answerpail by Marine (2,110 points)
I have a problem with navigating to some sites. And I need these sites for work. What proxies do you use to change your country on the Internet?

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answered Aug 10, 2023 by Falled (1,980 points)
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In general, it's good that you can access sites that are banned by your ISP or the country you're in. So, you can work without thinking about anything. For workers who surf the web, it's crucial to know a few proxy servers. If you find this information useful, you can check out the best residential proxies servers here https://gologin.com/proxies/residential-proxies
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answered Sep 26, 2023 by TeamPantau (300 points)
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Proxies can indeed be a solution for such cases. From my experience, it's better to opt for individual proxies since they're solely used by you, and that way, the connection is generally faster and more reliable.

For work, I use a residential proxy from proxys.io, which I set up in my Mozilla browser. Since then, I've been able to access all sites without any hitches.

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answered Oct 17, 2023 by PaxVax (140 points)

I can recommend you the proxyrate website. It contains the most popular proxy services, each of them is reviewed in detail, and users leave comments about their personal use of this or that service. This way you will protect yourself from wasting money, time and nerves.

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