Will moving to another state affect my Social Security?

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Will moving to another state affect my Social Security?

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Moving to another state will not affect your social security and you do not need to reapply for SSDI if you do move nor will you experience any SSDI benefit changes when you move to another state.

SSDI and SSI are federal and not local disability benefit programs that are not affected when you move to another state.

SSDI does follow you from state to state and you will continue receiving your SSDI benefits if you do move to a different state.

You must notify the SSDI administration of your new address.

The state that pays the highest disability benefits is New Jersey which pays out an SSDI disability check of $1,505.33 per month.

You can lose your SSDI if you're found to be able to work again or you commit any SSDI fraud, move out of the country etc.

You can collect SSDI and live outside the US for 6 months or less.

In most cases if you live outside the US longer than 6 months then you cannot collect SSDI.

You also must live in an approved country outside the U.S. to collect SSDI.

People on SSDI can go on vacation and should go on vacation when possible.

You can leave the state and go on vacation on SSDI anytime you want too or can do so.

Getting SSDI does not mean you have to be confined to your home or home state.

To leave the United States and still keep disability benefits from SSDI or SSI, you must meet certain requirements.

How long can you be out of the country with a disability?

You must not be out of the United States for more than 30 days.

So if you leave the country you must return within 30 days or you can lose your SSID payments.

However if you leave the state for another state you can stay in those states as long as you wish.

Conditions that may result in termination of SSDI benefits include: Returning to work.

The most common reason SSDI benefits end is because the recipient went back to work.

Returning to work can cause SSDI benefits to stop if the recipient is engaged in substantial gainful activity (SGA).

The only thing that may prevent a US citizen from continuing to receive SSDI payments in another country would be if they moved to a country where the benefits cannot be sent, such as certain former Soviet Bloc countries, such as Uzbekistan, Moldova, Ukraine – but excluding Russia and Baltic countries – North Korea.

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