Was Diaper Boy Tommy ever potty trained?

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asked Jul 28, 2023 in ABDL by Diaperwetboy (410 points)

Was diaper boy Tommy ever potty trained or did his parents just keep him in diapers?

I'm wondering about this diaper kid who is wearing what looks to be plastic backed Pampers diapers and am wondering what the story is about this kid?

Was he a diaper lover, forced to wear diapers, being diaper punished or was he just never potty trained?

Anyone know when these pictures were taken?

Diaper Boy Tommy 8 year old diaper boy kid8 year old diaper boy Tommy kid diaper Older kid wearing diaperSmiling diaper boy Tommy older kid plastic backed diapers

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answered Jul 28, 2023 by Danieldiap (3,630 points)

I do believe that diaper boy Tommy was potty trained but his parents or at least his dad kept him in diapers when at home or out in public when he was not in school.

Diaper boy Tommy was a boy named Tommy that you see in the pictures you posted that was made to wear diapers by his parents.

Diaper Boy Tommy from what I've heard about him was potty trained and wore pull ups to school or sometimes underwear to school but when he got home he was made to wear his diapers or pull ups.

His parents or at least his dad from what I've researched about him took the pictures of him and sold the pictures to a guy named Brian Cobb that was arrested several years ago.

He used to have a website named yior.the-cobb.com where diaper pictures were posted on and also nude photos of kids.

I'm not sure if Tommy was this kids real name or not but it's what everyone has called him.

Also on a website called Deekers Diaper page one Diaper boy Tommy's pictures was traced into a drawing and put on the front page of the website.

The diaper boy Tommy was wearing diapers after potty training age and before 8 years old as there are some younger pictures of diaper boy Tommy in diapers outside in just diapers as well.

So I think diaper boy Tommy was potty trained by his parents but was just kept in diapers mostly when at home and out in public.

I think his dad was also a diaper lover as well and is another reason why he made his son Tommy wear diapers.

The diapers Tommy was wearing in the pictures is the old plastic backed pampers diapers from the 90s.

I believe the pictures of Tommy in diapers when he was around 8 or so was taken around 1995 to 1996 or so but I could be wrong.

The pictures are certainly from the 1990s when the pampers were thick and plastic backed.

Diaper Boy Tommy wearing just diaper and shirt outsideDiaper Boy Tommy Outside in just diaper

commented Sep 1, 2023 by paratom (9,050 points)
Hey Diapers and diaperwetboy, yes his Dad was a diaper lover BUT he was a hard ass and sadly abused. From some pictures and can see bruises on the thigh. He wore diapers most of the time, sometimes he would go to school wearing underwear but he would returned with pull-ups which was changed to a diaper.

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