How to choose quality home textiles?

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asked Jul 14, 2023 in Other-Home/Garden by saffarry (1,120 points)
I have this question: how to find quality home textiles in Romania? I want to know where to look for reliable stores or online platforms that offer a variety of products to create a cozy home interior. I would be grateful for any advice and recommendations

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answered Jul 14, 2023 by Gammas (1,770 points)

I recommend paying attention to a few important points. First, check the composition of the material - it is better to choose natural fibers such as cotton or linen. Secondly, pay attention to the density of the fabric and the quality of sewing. Do not forget also about washing and care of textiles - quality products should be easily washable and durable. You can find great deals here at the link

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answered Jul 14, 2023 by toshka (1,500 points)
You can find quality home textiles in various stores and online platforms. I recommend you to pay attention to local marketplaces and online stores that offer a wide range of home goods.

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