Is it OK for 8 year old to sleep with parents?

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asked Jun 8, 2023 in Kids Health by dave123321 (1,220 points)
Is it OK for 8 year old to sleep with parents?

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answered Jun 8, 2023 by paratom (9,050 points)
Let me answer you this question. The ONLY 3 reason that a 8 yr old should sleep with you, bedwetting, bad dreams, OR he promises he will wear diapers when he sleeps with the parents. IF it gets worst, buy him a crib and he can sleep by you.

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answered Jun 8, 2023 by Ratiguga (20,180 points)
It's OK for an 8 year old to sleep with parents if he or she wants too or prefers too and the parents are okay with it.

While I had my own bed and slept in my own bed by age 4 and 8 years old I sometimes would sleep in my parents bed when I was wanting to be near them or when I was having a bad dream etc.

There's nothing wrong with a child of any age sleeping with their parents if they want too or need too.

In the old days kids slept with their parents and even other siblings in the same bed when they were poor and could not afford any more beds or lived in a one room home.
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answered Jun 8, 2023 by basicduty (2,060 points)
Most 8 year olds sleep in their own bed but 8 year olds and younger kids will sometimes crawl into bed with their parents such as if they are having a nightmare or bad dream or they are scared of something or simply want to snuggle.

Some parents even crawl into bed with their child even at 8 years old and even 10 to 12 years old to comfort them which is okay.

My parents used to sometimes get into my bed with me to help me sleep up until I was 13 years old and I loved it.

I also used to get into my parents bed with them and sleep until I was 13.

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