Do you still have to pay copay after deductible is met?

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Do you still have to pay copay after deductible is met?

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You do still have to pay your copay after your deductible is met.

After you've met your deductible you will no longer need to pay another deductible until the next calendar year.

However you will need to pay your copay costs until you also meet your maximum out of pocket cap.

Your deductible is the amount you pay for health care services before your health insurance begins to pay.

If your health plan's deductible is $1,500.00, you'll pay 100% of eligible health care expenses until the bills total $1,500.00.

After that, you share the cost with your health plan by paying coinsurance.

If you have 40% coinsurance after the deductible, you will pay the deductible first and then 40% of the costs.

50% coinsurance means the same thing; only you will pay 50% of costs.

While these are higher upfront costs, you will reach your out-of-pocket limit faster.

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