How do I find information about an netflix reviews?

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asked May 16, 2023 in Current Events by Goldyy (380 points)
Now handy is not clean, they remove all negative comment reviews even reviews meet netflix reviews guideline. My and other colleague ’s reviews were approved by netflix after 45 days they removed all negative comment and made 1.5 star standard company to 4.5 Star company.

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answered May 16, 2023 by bobbysborders (420 points)

Hello to all. In the realm of online streaming platforms, Netflix reigns supreme with its diverse collection of entertainment to suit all tastes and interests. Apart from the great content they offer, their popularity is certainly driven by their excellent customer service. Whenever you have any questions, you don't have to look up netflix customer service number you can contact them online and they will always be ready to help you solve the problem you have.

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