What is Kuchipudi Dance? Can anyone enlighten me on the same?

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I just came across this article from IndiaNetzone on Kuchipudi Dance. 


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The Kuchipudi is one of the eight major Indian classical dances.

Kuchipudi dance originates from a village named Kuchipudi in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.

Kuchipudi is a dance-drama performance, with its roots in the ancient Hindu Sanskrit text of Natya Shastra.

Kuchipudi is a team performance, with roots in Hindu religious festivals.

The drama-dance involves extensive stage movements and exacting footwork, wherein the underlying drama is mimed by expressive gestures of hand (mudras), eye and face movements.

Dancers occasionally speaking dialogues is found in Kuchipudi dance but not in Bharatanatyam.

Dancing on the brass plate by keeping the feet on its edges is a feature of Bharatanatyam but Kuchipudi dance does not have such a form of movements.

The dance incorporates all three classical dance elements: Nritta, Nritya, and Natya.

Kuchipudi is indigenous to the state of Andhra Pradesh and differs from the other five classical styles by the inclusion of singing.

Kuchipudi originated in the 17th century with the creation by Sidhyendra Yogi of the dance-drama Bhama Kalapam, a story of Satyabhāma, the charming but jealous wife of the god Krishna.

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