Can a person on a ventilator hear you?

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Can a person on a ventilator hear you?

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A person on a ventilator can hear you so you can speak clearly and lovingly to someone while they are on a ventilator.

Many people who were on a ventilator have clearly remembered hearing a loved one's voice talking to them while they were on a ventilator.

Mechanical ventilators are machines that act as bellows to move air in and out of your lungs.

Your respiratory therapist and doctor set the ventilator to control how often it pushes air into your lungs and how much air you get.

You may be fitted with a mask to get air from the ventilator into your lungs.

Being on a ventilator may cause one or both lungs to collapse.

The air that enters the chest could also put pressure on your heart, resulting in a life-threatening situation that would require immediate placement of a tube in your chest to drain the air and decrease the pressure on your heart.

A patient needs a ventilator to help them breathe when they cannot breathe normally.

You may need a ventilator when you have a collapsed lung, fluid on the lungs or you have restricted airways and even with the Covid-19 virus some people need to be put on a ventilator especially if they get worse.

But if you do have Covid-19 and need a ventilator then you have a very high chance of dying.

Not everyone who has Covid-19 will need a ventilator but some do.

Ventilator Machines are also used sometimes during surgery to allow the person to breathe when they cannot normally breathe.

When your lungs inhale and exhale air normally, they take in oxygen your cells need to survive and expel carbon dioxide.

The ventilator helps to take the place of the lungs when they cannot normally inhale and exhale the oxygen properly.

A ventilator works to help a person breathe by blowing air into the patients airway through a breathing tube.

On the Ventilator one end of the ventilator tube is inserted into the patient's windpipe and the other end is attached to the ventilator.

The breathing tube of the ventilator machine serves as an airway by letting air and oxygen from the ventilator flows into the lungs.

The ventilator basically acts like an air pump by forcing air that we normally breathe into the persons lungs to help them breathe.

Normally we breathe this same air and oxygen in without any problems but when someone has issues with breathing they need a ventilator.

Being on a ventilator is never a good thing but not everyone on a ventilator will die or be severely ill.

Ventilators are also used sometimes during surgery so that the person can breathe.

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