I am a fan of gambling and became a victim of fraudsters

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asked Apr 10 in Other- Society & Culture by petrderbikov (770 points)
Hi all, I was in a bad situation once. I am a fan of gambling and became a victim of fraudsters, they cheated me out of money. But sometimes, I think, after all there are really honest places for gambling. Advise me where I can play and not go through this horrible experience again. Thank you...

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answered Jul 28 by lowerkoker (1,680 points)

I also enjoy gambling and it's great that there are so many new online casinos out there now with decent conditions and cool welcome bonuses. I wanted to choose a casino with a small deposit to start with, so I was advised to check out here. It's interesting that there are so many great casinos in Australia now, and you can compare the pros, cons and other details.

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