What do you think about downloading photos from Instagram?

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asked Apr 5, 2023 in Other- Society & Culture by Stas (140 points)
What do you think about downloading photos from Instagram? Is it profitable to do so, or is it better to save your posts somewhere else?

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answered Apr 15, 2023 by Andret (4,200 points)
It is not possible to download content directly from Instagram.

However, there are 2 methods I use.

Take a screenshot and crop it (if it is a photo)
There are many apps on the app store that allow you to copy the link of the post, and the app will download the video to your camera roll. Another option is Instagram ++ - this allows you a ton of new features that the regular Instagram has not released yet - downloading videos, new setups, information about posts, etc
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answered Apr 15, 2023 by Palululu (2,240 points)

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