What are the effects of inhaling bleach?

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What are the effects of inhaling bleach?

What happens to your body when you inhale bleach fumes?

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If you inhale bleach you need to get outside and get fresh air right away.

When using bleach to clean surfaces and mopping with it's best to have an open window to provide ventilation since inhaling bleach fumes can be deadly.

When you inhale bleach some things it might do to you are cause difficulty breathing, chest tightness, blurred vision and redness or blisters on your skin including burning pain.

You might also have a burning sensation in your nose, eyes and even throat and you might even get blurry vision.

If you think you inhaled too much bleach fumes you should seek medical attention right away as bleach fumes can be deadly.

Also never mix bleach with other cleaning agents or ammonia because doing so can create an even deadlier gas that can kill you in a short time.

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