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Hello, advise me how to transfer money abroad.

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answered Mar 17, 2023 by 23rounds (16,450 points)
You can transfer money abroad through the use of Moneygram or Western Union.

Western Union and MOney Gram are two great ways to transfer money to people abroad or even in the USA.

Also you can transfer money abroad through Paysend, OFX, Wise, Xoom and PayPal.

Just be sure the person you're sending the money too is legit as there are people scamming people out of money using these services.

However the companies that are listed are legit.

International bank transfers are also another way to transfer money abroad.

An international bank transfer is usually the best way to transfer money internationally because it is secure, fast and cheaper than other methods such as cash, money orders or credit cards.

A bank or money transfer company can carry out an international bank transfer for you.

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