Is Wedding Videography Worth It?

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Organizing a superior wedding is a hard task: you need to think through dozens of aspects, coordinate different vendors, communicate with guests… And while a lot of factors are essential for the day, there are also actions you need to perceive the moment and make it possible to relive this important event in the future.

In most cases, a couple understands that they should hire a professional photographer, but they doubt if they need a wedding videographer. Though the latest creates extra worth for the newlyweds, not all couples realize the clear contributions of the videographer. In this piece, we will cover the main benefits of having the wedding recorded by an expert and show you the importance of this work from a long-term perspective.

Why Do You Need a Videographer for Your Wedding?

Should you get a wedding videographer? Though the ultimate verdict is solely up to you, we suggest delegating the filming of the marriage ceremony to a professional due to the following reasons.

Save the Memories of This Special Day

  • Is Wedding Videography Worth It? - Reasons to Hire a Wedding Videographer

The most obvious cause is the opportunity to relive the emotions again in the future. The wedding is a one-time occasion for the majority of people, and it has a special significance. It is a pivotal step or even a starting point in the relationship, and a lot of people like to get back to this occasion in their minds. And having the recording of the whole event will only help to return to the precious moments and recall the events the way they actually were.

Capture Moments That You Haven’t Seen Yourself

While bringing a lot of joy, a wedding is also a very emotional and intense event, which takes a lot of energy from the bride and the groom. A lot of things might happen simultaneously, and you can not follow them all or be at two different places at the same time. So, there is a chance you might miss something interesting. However, when you hire a wedding videographer, you get the possibility to learn about these fleeting, but moving episodes, and get a significantly wider view of the details of your celebration.

Share This Day With Your Children in the Future

Once in the future, your children would like to know how your wedding went. How great would it be to show them a recording of the event instead of just retelling it and showing some photos? The kids would touch on the history of the family, which is always priceless, and you will get a lot of positive feelings when sharing such a special day with your children.

Get a High-Quality Content for Your Social Accounts

Nowadays, sharing special life events on social media is a very important part of communication with your circle of friends. Moreover, usually, we all want to shout out loud about our happiness, so why not do it with a beautiful video that would be crafted to highlight the feeling and the celebration solemnity?

Hold Unplugged Wedding

Probably, your family and friends would plan to capture everything as well, so it is quite possible that you will see dozens of phones instead of happy faces when staying at the altar. But if you get a videographer for the wedding, you can guarantee the guests that each significant minute will be recorded, and they don’t need to do that themselves. This will help you and your guests to stay in the moment and focus on what is happening.

What Is Included in the Wedding Videographers’ Packages?

Eventually, you decided to cooperate with a videographer. Now, you are bound to figure out several things. How much are the wedding videographers? How to figure out if the price is adequate for the offered input? The answers will vary from region to region, and you would need some time to navigate them, but the common package includes the next items:

  • 6 or 8 hours of video coverage;
  • 20-, 30-, or 50-minutes wedding film;
  • 2-, 3-, or 5-minutes highlight video;
  • options for editing style;
  • online downloading;
  • RAW footage.

Popular Excuses for Newlyweds Not to Hire a Wedding Videographer

Unfortunately, a certain percentage of couples might find a lot of reasons not to have a videographer. Of course, if people don’t want to do something, they will justify their decision. However, in our experience, there are a lot of fears that aren’t such a big deal and can be easily resolved or mitigated. Here we have the most repeated preconception.

Having a Videographer Is Too Expensive

While it might eat a significant part of the budget, it would bring much more for you. The things like decorations or centerpieces last only a day, while the footage will preserve its value for years and will recoup its price every time you decide to rewatch the film with your friends, children, or grandchildren. 

Moreover, if the price is too high for you among the local wedding videographers, you might find other cost-optimized options (e.g., hiring a video- and photographer from one agency for a lesser price) or negotiate to pay for the services in iterations.

Friends or Relatives Can Record the Occasion

You might think that having a camera is enough to do the recording and that you don’t need a videographer for your wedding, as a friend or a relative who owns the device might do the work instead of a professional. While an amateur is able to create footage, it doesn’t mean you will be satisfied with the quality. At the same time, professional videographers know how to operate in the conditions and how to create a great film.

It Might Be Prohibited to Film in the Church

You might worry that it doesn’t make sense to even talk to a videographer if a church is going to prohibit shooting. The truth is that the majority of priests aren’t against filming, they just must ask to follow some rules and stay in some specific areas. An adequate videographer won’t have any problems here. Moreover, they will most likely take the initiative and negotiate with the priest themselves beforehand to avoid any potential issues in the middle of the ceremony.

A Photographer Is Going to Be Enough to Save the Memories

Is wedding videography worth it when you also recruit a photographer? Of course, yes. While photographers also capture the events, they won’t be able to convey the process the way videographers do. Hence, the photographer’s contribution doesn’t exclude the videographer’s, but rather complements it.

A Videographer Will Be Constantly Interrupting

Any videographer will become a part of your wedding, and they are going to follow you on every step of the journey. It might create additional pressure, and you might think that they will disturb the processes or people, and the magic of the moment would be ruined. In fact, it is far from the truth, as professionals know how to blend with the crowd and stay as unobtrusive as it is possible.


So, should you get a wedding videographer? We would say yes. This wedding will be a one-time occasion, and you will definitely want to save it for the future or to show it to your close and loved ones.

Content was taken from the official Vanilla Brides website: Is Wedding Videography Worth It? – Reasons to Hire a Wedding Videographer

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answered Mar 15, 2023 by Caldecott (25,160 points)
Wedding videography is worth it as long as you hire a good wedding photographer and videographer.

It's great to have video memories as well as professional photos done of the wedding to look back on for years to come.

I hired a wedding photographer and wedding videographer for my wedding and was very happy with them and it was money well spent.
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answered Jul 17, 2023 by Andrew_Clarkson (7,110 points)

Weddings are fun and special, and your wedding photographer is also an important part in it. A good photographer will make the difference and create a lot of memories for the happy moment, so you need to choose one who knows what he is doing and can provide all the necessary service. With charleston elopement you will be sure about the quality and the best photographer.

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answered Jan 16 by royalbindi (140 points)
Yes, wedding videography is often worth it as it captures and preserves the emotional moments, the vows, and the overall atmosphere of your special day. A well-produced wedding video allows you to relive the memories for years to come, share them with friends and family, and capture details you might have missed during the event.

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