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asked Feb 8, 2023 in Other- Society & Culture by GeorgeMills (3,080 points)
Grindr sets up the basic template of how all gay dating is or isn’t: everything is reactive to Grindr whether it wants to be or not, so if you like or dislike this app is going to formulate where you go from here. Grindr, fundamentally, is based around location: men appear in order of descending proximity and everything else goes from there. You can filter by various categories, but fundamentally, the nearer they are the more you will see them. Get used to seeing the same 30 faces and get used to running into them at Waitrose every Saturday, even after they turned you down.

The most blessed and cursed thing about Grindr is – because it’s so ubiquitous – that it really is a broad church. Here you will find the fetishists just trying to indulge their kink (totally fine!) the couples looking for a third (also fine!), the people trying to organise chemsex parties (slightly less fine!), the escorts trying to find clientele (should be more fine!), the straight boys without a pic on the hunt or dick (a very thorny thicket!) and maybe, just maybe, a G B or T person looking for a hook-up or a date.

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answered Feb 8, 2023 by RobertPolson (3,960 points)

Thank you. I already had the pleasure of not only reading the review but also trying it out for myself. I can say that this application can be used to find one-time dates. but no one guarantees the safety of your correspondence and your data. I myself prefer the classic gay site as the basis for my search, continue reading this. I would be glad if this info is useful to someone else besides me.

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