How to diversify your intimate life?

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asked Jan 28, 2023 in Auto Racing by KateNickolson (1,090 points)
For some reason it is considered shameful to discuss sex. Especially if the problem is not obvious. When it seems like no one is sick, no one has cheated on anyone, no one has gained 20 pounds. You are so used to each other that you have become close people. Sex stopped bothering you like it used to. How did you diversify your relationship?

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answered Jan 28, 2023 by Elis (1,120 points)

To solve the problem, you can go to a marriage counselor. But not every couple will dare to do this. Or look together at the page of this site To admit that your sex has long been "not good," not everyone dares, and in vain. My acquaintances Natasha and Ilya were married for seven years. From the outside - the perfect couple. And then at another girls' get-together Natasha suddenly confessed that they were going to get divorced. It turned out that Ilya had forgotten to close her Facebook account (an extremist organization banned in Russia) (let's leave aside questions of ethics and the fact that reading other people's emails is bad). That's where she read the correspondence of her lawful husband with a girl of easy virtue. There was a scandal, flying things and dishes. In the heat of the battle Ilya admitted that he really liked oral sex. And without it, lovemaking in the marital bed became boring.

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answered Jan 28, 2023 by Helen (1,100 points)

The moral is simple: you need to talk about your desires to your other half. Perhaps your husband has long dreamed that you danced him a striptease or tied him to the bed. And you yourself want to try a pole dance, and the fur handcuffs from a sex shop with interest looked at.

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Sometimes, if the intimate life is really bad, it is better to leave and not torment each other. When we converge with a person, we do not know for sure whether we are suitable for each other in all respects. This is especially true for international couples. You should study human psychology and the psychology of people of different nationalities. Because I know that communication with Asians and Slavs is very different. To learn more about women and how to get them interested on a dating site, I recommend you check out this link I'm sure some of you will definitely find this useful.

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answered Mar 16, 2023 by AuroraGa (1,500 points)
I think it's important to talk about it. Sex is an important part of everyone's life. I was thinking about trying porn games, they say it's an unforgettable experience. Has anyone experienced this and can offer advice? Your help will be greatly appreciated.
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answered Mar 16, 2023 by William009 (1,500 points)

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