Tire markings

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That's funny. I have already had a car for half a year, but I just now noticed that there are signs on the tires. Guys, I don't know what it is. And I'm wondering if I need to look for new tires with the same signs?

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To reduce your time when choosing the next wheels, you just need to pay attention to the markings that are on the tires. These designations will help you identify the features of the products and what to expect from them.

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So what's the use of these markings, if he has no idea at all what they mean. It is easier for such people to come to the workshop and ask for tires to be picked up after a short questioning and making wishes.

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It's very easy to remember! But these designations are very important to know if you want to continue to own a car and be aware of its needs. This is an alphanumeric combination that characterizes the type of tire construction and its size. The standard size includes the following designations, tire type, width, height. Well, there are other markings. So I bought Yokohama tires https://www.1010tires.com/Tires/Yokohama . There are signs in the form of a snowflake. And this sign says that these are winter tires. And it's important to know!

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