What are the most popular wedding months in the US?

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Most Popular Months For Weddings In The US

Big congratulations if you are about to walk down that aisle! Your wedding will be a special day that will live in your memories for ages —a day filled with so much love, joy, and happiness not only for you but for your spouse and guests as well.
However, for this day to be successful, a lot of planning is required, and part of this involves finding the best time to get married. The question “when is the best time to get married?” might not have a perfect answer. You can choose to get married when the weather is sunny, warm, and radiant or go for a day that is fresh, cooler, and glistening with snowflakes.
Whether you are all for a sunshine-filled wedding or prefer a cold, winter occasion, it’s up to you. We always encourage readers to take advantage of the peak season for weddings. So, when is the wedding season?
Our team has come up with a comprehensive list of pros and cons to help you pick the perfect month to have the day of your dreams.

Wedding in April

Because it is a spring month, a wedding in April means you’re choosing beautiful flowers, uncommon blossoms, and stunning pastel colors in all their splendor. All these make for beautiful décors. However,
April weather is unpredictable. A sunny and warm day could suddenly change into a cold and rainy one. You’re in great luck if your day can land on a bright, warm spring day. Also, this month is usually less crowded in busy cities like LA, so you might want to take advantage of that.

Wedding in May

May is quite interesting. It has all the benefits of April and with even more reliable weather. In May, there are two bank holidays. If you pick a date around these days, you will have a long and exciting weekend with family and friends. Another interesting thing about a wedding in May is that you and your partner have the whole summer to go on your honeymoon while other couples are busy planning their unions.

Wedding in June

Our very own Mr. Popular. Most couples have tied the knot in June since forever. This made June to be named the “traditional wedding month.”
If you want to get married this month, you’re choosing a sunshine wedding. The best thing is that the heat of the sun isn’t so harsh. So a wedding in June means you can have a lovely outdoor wedding if you wish. With the right platform, your outdoor celebration will be perfect.

Wedding in August

August is mid-summer. You know what this means, right? It means that it’s the holiday season for people in schools. So if you want family and friends to be present in their numbers, weddings in August are the best. August, the most popular month for weddings, is also harvest season for most farm products, so your wedding menu can be as versatile as you want. The downside about August is that the sun’s heat is usually scorching.

Wedding in October

October competes with June for the best wedding month title and with good reason. In this fall month, there’s love in the air. With warm drinks and the beautiful colors of the changing leaves, October is a spicy time to get married. Cities like Tampa, FL, look so beautiful in the fall and will make for fantastic wedding photos. The only downside to getting married in October is that traditional wedding flowers will be unavailable.

Wedding in November

Like October, November weddings will fall in the fall (pun intended). There are lots of holidays this month, so if you’re thinking of getting married in November, you’ll most likely have your friends and family around. It’s off-season, too, so you’ll have huge discounts on venues and services.

Cheapest Months To Get Married

It’s okay if you don’t have the financial backup to get married in the wedding season. This doesn’t mean you can’t and shouldn’t celebrate your union of love. If you’re looking to have a not-so-costly-wedding, consider the following cheapest months to get married:

Wedding in December

December carries the spirit of Christmas. It is an excellent month for “I do’s” and new beginnings. It is a chilly time of the year, so you’ll likely have fewer guests. This means fewer expenses. It’s off-season, too, so venues and vendors offer enormous discounts for their services.

Wedding in January

Your vow to love each other forever is a good idea for a New Year’s resolution. January is an off-season like December, so discounts are available on most venues and vendors’ services. You’re also likely to have fewer guests because it is still winter, so there will be fewer expenses. You can also have a fantastic wedding indoors, so don’t be scared to choose January.

Wedding in February

February weddings are cheap for the same reasons as weddings in December and January. And what better month to celebrate your love than the month of love itself? You can even spice things and decide to have your perfect wedding on the 14th of February. You know what day it is!


With the proper planning, you can gift yourself the wedding of your dreams. Do not do everything alone. Get together with your partner, decide on what you want, and figure out how to make it work with what you have. The bond you share while making these plans will solidify when you see the successful results you came together to create. Remember, there’s no moment more important than when you’re exchanging your vows, and no soul is more important than the one standing by your side. Choose memories; you deserve them.

This article was taken from the Vanilla Brides website: Most Popular Months For Weddings In The US

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Congratulations on your wedding! Even though it's been a year since you asked about the most popular wedding months in the US, I still wanted to drop in and say that picking the perfect month to tie the knot can be quite a decision. April sounds lovely with its beautiful flowers and pastel colors, but that unpredictable weather can be tricky!

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The most popular wedding months in the US are the months of May through October.

For weddings the month of September takes first place at 16 percent and June at 15 percent and October at 14 percent for weddings.

Fall and Autumn and Summer are the most popular wedding seasons.

There's really no rule that you have to follow when deciding what to do with your engagement ring when you get married.

It's entirely up to you to decide what you want to do with the engagement ring once married.

Most people however move the engagement ring to their right hand when they get married and some people just place the engagement ring somewhere in the house such as a Jewelry box or somewhere else safe or even do like my friend did.

My friend put her engagement ring on a necklace so she could carry it around on her neck.
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Congratulations on your wedding! Even though it's been a year since you asked about the most popular wedding months in the US, I still wanted to drop in and say that picking the perfect month to tie the knot can be quite a decision. April sounds lovely with its beautiful flowers and pastel colors, but that unpredictable weather can be tricky! If you're still on the lookout for some slick wedding tuxedos, check out this cool site at https://www.gentlemansguru.com/product-category/wedding-tuxedos/. Gotta look dapper on the big day, right? I hope your wedding day was everything you dreamed of and more.

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Hello, dear community! I’m preparing for my role as a groomsman and looking for inspiration for my performance. Can you share examples of great groomsmen speeches that you’ve heard or used yourself? I’m looking for something that is personal, touching and memorable.
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Congratulations to you. Your role at the wedding will be very demanding, so it's cool that you decided to prepare for the speech in advance. I found some great maid of honor speech examples online at https://www.weddingforward.com/maid-of-honor-speech/ . Maybe you will find these examples interesting and you can use some of them to write your unforgettable and touching speech. Good luck!

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