Hi Chad, how u r?

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asked Dec 7, 2022 in Answerpail by paratom (9,050 points)
Hi Chad, how's it going? Anything new with your site imgvek?I definitely miss the diaper boys pictures, now we need to add diaper boy videos. I'm sure your busy, if I don't hear from you, Merry Christmas

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answered Dec 8, 2022 by chad (14,670 points)
Hi Tom.

I'm doing fine.

As for the imgvek.com website I decided to just shut it down as they are not releasing the domain.

I am still working on setting up the other website which will be better anyway with filevek instead.

This way you can upload and keep more than just photos.

I deleted the website and files off the server so they are no longer there.

The new website will be more like mega where you can share links and keep files private and will allow videos and other files to be uploaded as well.

Hope you have a merry Christmas as well and a happy and good new year.
commented Dec 18, 2022 by Cutediaperboy04 (180 points)
I liked the old style so everything was open for everyone and you just could watch them :/

Will there be something like the old vek on the new site?

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