Who needs help with growing a Youtube channel

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asked Dec 2, 2022 in Answerpail by mwalker1996 (9,270 points)
Hey guys I'm getting into youtube consulting and I want to help new Youtubers grow their channel. I'm doing free calls for 2 clients via Google Meet. The reason I'm doing it on Google is that it's less of a hassle to do calls versus zoom. My goal is to turn this into a business so after our call, I will send yall a forum to ask to do a follow-up video chat so I can create a case study to attract high-paying clients. Whose Interested?
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answered Jan 31, 2023 by Zoina (4,300 points)

If you want to capture the viewer's attention in 0.2 seconds, you can use a link to another video that the viewer will think is valuable (just don't expect that second video to be yours). If you want to help someone with an important message https://gyre.pro/blog/how-to-attract-a-viewer-on-youtube-in-0-2-seconds and they want to take action in response: tell them what action they should take and what will happen as a result. The most basic type of human thinking is this kind of cause-and-effect logic.

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