Does Capital One have money market accounts?

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Does Capital One have money market accounts?

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Capital One used to have money market accounts however they no longer do.

You can still get money market accounts through other banks that have them.

Capital One no longer offers any money market accounts.

But if you're looking for an interest-bearing account, check out Capital One's 360 Performance Savings account or compare other money market accounts to find the best one for you.

Capital One 360 is a checking account and not a money market account.

Although Capital One does have a money market account that is different from the Capital One 360 checking account.

Capital One 360 is just a traditional checking account through Capital One and is not a Money Market Account.

However you can open a Capital One 360 Money Market Account if you want too.

So if you open up a Money Market Account through Capital One 360 then you'll have a money market account with a high interest rate to earn you more money than a traditional savings account.

I have a Capital One 360 Savings account and also a Capital One 360 Money Market Savings account which helps me earn more money with my savings than I did with my regular savings account at another bank.

So if you want a money market account you need to sign up for the money market account and not the traditional savings account through capital one.

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