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I had to wear pull ups and diapers when I was 7 I peed my pants alot and at daycare me and my friend peed our pants on the playground and we got pulled inside and got a lecture about being 7 and peeing our pants. The teacher told us if we our going to pee our pants like babies she will treat us like little babies she pulled out 2 plastic back pampers for boys and diapered us and cent us to class when it was time for potty break talk about embarrassing going in the bathroom with the teacher pulling your pants down wearing a diaper you peed in and when you fenished going potty you had to be put in a new diaper we both seen a stack of little boys pull ups and I asked if I can wear pull ups and she told me yes because pull ups are for babies and we are big babies pull ups will help us learn to use the potty like big boys we will be wearing pull ups for a long time because they are telling our moms that we pee our pants and like wearing pull ups like babies our moms made us wear pull ups 24/7 and I also peed the bed at night and my mom wanted me to wear pull ups for my bedwetting and told my friends mom That I wear pull ups and she should make her son wear pull ups because he pees his pants and bed just like me and we both work pull ups I found out at my sleep over because he was wearing pull ups and my mom was getting us ready for bed and changed my pull up and then she checked my friend and found out he had a pull up on and it was wet so she put him in one of my pull ups and he asked her why she had pull ups and she told him because my son wets himself like a baby and he still wets the bed and wears pull ups so its ok to wet and wear pull ups

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answered Jul 19, 2023 by diamdiaper (1,920 points)
I used to pee my pants at my babysitters house and she would put me in diapers as well.

I would act like I hated being diapered but I in reality loved it.

I would always pee my pants when I was at my babysitters house and she would diaper me.

I always looked forward to going to her house as it meant I could get diapered.

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