What is PupBox?

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What is PupBox?

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PupBox is just like BarkBox but with different toys and treats designed for your Puppy.

Both boxes provide savings to subscribers who sign up for longer-term subscriptions, but even then, each BarkBox tier is lower-cost than PupBox's tiers.

Both subscriptions ship to the US (including Alaska and Hawaii) and Canada, though shipping costs vary.

The monthly dog box that is the best is BarkBox.

You can customize some aspects of the BarkBox after the first box.

You can change the assortment if you want fewer toys or more toys, treats or chews and you can also note specific edible ingredient preferences as well.

You can skip a month of BarkBox if you prefer.

Simply call BarkBox customer service and tell them that you would like to skip the month of BarkBox and they will help you do so.

BarkBox is easy to cancel and to cancel BarkBox you simply email customer service or follow the online cancellation process.

You can buy just one BarkBox and then after you sign up you can cancel the BarkBox subscription.

To get around BarkBox's auto renewing subscriptions simply choose a 1 box gift subscription and send it to yourself.

BarkBox does do something for dogs birthdays and on the dogs birthday month during the add to box period you should see awesome birthday themed goodies available for purchase to add to their box.

For their birthday month, in addition to your dog's awesome BarkBox, they have special add to box goodies available to help you spoil your pup!

The super chewer BarkBox comes with 2 tough dog toys which are fluff free, 2 full sized bags of fresh healthy dog treats and also 2 meaty dog chews.

The cost of BarkBox a month is $35.00 per month.

The BarkBox dog subscription box costs $35.00 per month and comes with 2 quirky toys, a yummy chew and 2 tasty treats.

The $35.00 per month for BarkBox also includes shipping and handling and is delivered right to your door.

You can also choose from the standard BarkBox that filled with plush toys or the Super Chewer Box filled with fluff-free tough toys.

And from there, you can choose a one-month subscription ($35.00), six months ($26.00/box), or 12 months ($23.00/box).

If you regularly buy your dog treats and toys, it's likely that BarkBox is a good value and worth giving a try.

However, if you don't usually spend $20.00-$30.00/month on dog treats and toys, BarkBox might not be a great deal for you.

BarkBox is a monthly subscription service providing dog products, services, and experiences.

BARK serves over 2 million dogs monthly through BarkBox and Super Chewer subscriptions and retail distribution.

BarkBox makes it easy for anyone to cancel their subscription if they do not want to make further payments.

Simply email customer service or follow the online cancellation process.

The BarkBox treats are made in the USA & Canada with domestic and imported ingredients, and their recipes never contain any wheat, soy, or corn.

BarkBox thought ahead for when that moment comes with its 2-in-1 dog toys.

The toys have a second plush toy inside of them.

It's like inception, but for pups who can't help but rip up any soft item that crosses their path.

BarkBox has cute toy options that come with equally cute second toys inside them.

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