Parents who let their kids wet & mess themselves on purpose for fun?

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So if you’ve been following my posts lately, you would know that I’ve asked a lot of questions about parents with kids who love diapers. However, there is also a fetish for peeing and pooping in pants / underwear, rather than (or in addition to) diapers.

So, I want to hear from parents who allow their kids to soil themselves for fun. I know I’ve been saying this a lot, but as I mentioned in my other posts, I’m always looking to chat with open-minded parents who let their children use their pants / underwear / diapers as their toilet. Not because they have incontinence issues, or anything like that, but because they like doing it on purpose. In this case, I’m searching specifically for parents of kids who like soiling regular pants & underwear, NOT diapers. Peeing & pooping in diapers obviously feels the best, don’t get me wrong, but doing it in normal pants is fun, too.

If there are any moms and/or dads on Answerpail who have children that are into this stuff and like to pee & poop their pants, please tell me. I want to hear about your kids’ fun with pants peeing & pooping.

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Nice one bro. Great question

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answered Nov 12, 2022 by Alyssa1gph (11,490 points)
I don't have any kids that love to wet or poop their pants.

However your post reminded me of my brother who is younger than me.

As a kid my younger brother who was 8 at the time would love to pee and poop in his pants and would walk around it in and sit in it for hours.

At first we thought he was just having accidents and not cleaning up.

However our mom and myself caught him purposely pooping his pants and peeing his pants and was looking in the mirror at the poop in his pants.

He got embarrassed when his mom walked in on him.

At first she was mad but later calmed down about it and just figured it was a phase he was going through.

He continued to do it until at least 12 which is as far as we knew but he may have been doing it later as well.

He's now 25 years old and is doing fine and has a good job.

He's not a father himself yet but he's planning on becoming a father and I'm sure his kids will likely do the same thing and of course he'll allow them I'm sure.

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