How much does an on demand delivery app development cost

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This year, On-Demand Startup Ideas seem to become more popular around the world. If you're looking for a new business idea, an on-demand delivery app could be a jackpot ticket.

On demand delivery app development cost breakdown

Let's take a closer look at an on demand delivery app development cost of following prime components of a delivery app.

  • Customer app
  • Delivery partner app
  • Admin web dashboard
  • Service provider web dashboard

Let's discuss it.

1. Customer app

The development cost of a customer app is about $37k. It Including essential features like user profiles, maps, in-app chat, order management, settings, and much more.

2. Delivery partner app

The delivery partner app development cost is about $30K with the necessary features like profile, order tracking, earnings, etc.

3. Web dashboard for admin and service provider

On average cost of creating a web panel for admin and service providers comes to around $24K. 

Hence, we can estimate that the average cost of getting an On-Demand Delivery App is around $91,000.

However, the cost may come up in your budget, when you get developed by a ready-made solution. 

Ready-made white label delivery app solution

Wooberly SuperDelivery is an all-in-one white label delivery app development solution for startups who want to develop an on demand delivery app that offers various delivery services (like milk, food, grocery, etc). It is completely white-labeled as per your business requirements. 100% customizable and cost-effective compared to scratch development. The cost of this white label solution is around $5K including essential features.

If you are interested don't hesitate. Schedule a free demo right now!

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