Any parents of girls who enjoy wearing diapers?

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So I guess this question is pretty similar to the one I posted last week; I asked if there were any parents out there with kids who like diapers.

I’ve seen a lot of discussions on this website about boys in diapers, and I’ve read some great posts from various users on that subject, including the responses to my question from last week. However, with the abundance of talk about boys wearing diapers, it got me wondering if there are girls (particularly grade school age) who enjoy them as well. Are there any moms or dads here on Answerpail who have daughters that like peeing and pooping in diapers? Or if not, maybe you know another parent who does? As far as I can tell, I haven’t seen any questions or answers on here regarding this, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask. As I mentioned in my previous question, I enjoy hearing about parents who allow their kids to stay in diapers for fun, but it isn’t limited to just boys — it applies to girls as well. I’m sure there are girls who love diapers, too.

So if there are any parents of girls who are into this stuff, please feel free to post your answer here or send me a PM; I would love to chat and hear about your daughters’ experiences with diapers.

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There are some girls who love wearing diapers and they even started as a kid as well.

While diaper lovers are more common in boys and guys there are girls also into it as well so I'm sure there's a parent here or on other websites that have a daughter who loves diapers.

Some parents may not even be aware of their kids love for diapers.

I once knew a girl who was a diaper lover at the time and I found out by her brother who I was staying with at his house one night.

Back when I was 8 years old I was having a sleepover with my friend who was also 8 and he wore diapers for bed wetting and I did as well.

He told me that he loved to wear his diapers and I told him I also did and it made things much easier.

He even revealed to me that his sister also loved to wear diapers as well and she was 10 years old.

She would wear diapers during the day but her parents didn't know about it.
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Cool! Thanks for sharing!

Also, would you happen to know of any other websites with parents of kids (either boys or girls) who pee & poop in diapers for fun?

To be completely honest, that’s actually the main reason why I joined Answerpail — I’m looking to talk with parents of diaper-loving kids, and I came here hoping to find some. I’ve found a few, but not that many. And the few parents I have found are pretty much impossible to get in touch with because they either A.) take forever to respond, or B.) they don’t respond at all.

So would you know if there are any bigger & better resources on the internet where I can find more parents of sons and daughters who love diapers?

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