Any parents of kids who like to wear diapers?

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Ever since I joined this website back in June (and even before then), I’ve come across a few different parents who have children that like wearing & using diapers. These include diaperpapillonfigweb, Chuyenene, and philrodg. I’ve tried sending them PMs, but I still have yet to get a response from any of them.

I very much enjoy hearing about kids who are allowed to pee & poop themselves and wear diapers for fun. Usually, if a child continues to wear diapers past their toddler years, it’s because of a medical need, bedwetting issues, etc. But it’s very rare to hear of instances where parents will let their kids wear and use diapers purely for enjoyment because they like them. I loved reading the posts made by the users I referred to above, as they described how their boys enjoy their diapers. As I already mentioned, I made attempts to get in touch with them because I was extremely interested in hearing more, but none of them ever responded, which is very disappointing.

So if anyone has additional information on these users, or if you know of another way I could contact them, PLEASE do not hesitate to let me know, as I REALLY want to chat with them. Or even if there are more diaper-friendly parents here on Answerpail (or other websites) that I’m not yet aware of, please tell me. I would love to chat with you, as well.

Thanks in advance!

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And I star on this lol

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answered Oct 29, 2022 by Diaperboy1988 (4,410 points)
I remember reading diaperpapillonfigweb posts on here and miss hearing them myself.

I haven't heard from that user in quite awhile and wish he would come back on.

I think it's great that these parents that are not even adult baby or diaper lovers themselves are allowing their kids to wear and use diapers for fun too.

I've heard of some parents going off and getting mad at their kids or teens for wanting to wear diapers and it's nice to see that some parents are actually supportive of their kids wearing diapers even if they just want too for fun.

To all those parents out there that are accepting their kids and letting them enjoy diapers I want to thank you. :)

I wish I could've worn my diapers for fun more freely around my parents without worrying about them being mad about it.

I've also noticed that a lot of parents are keeping their kids in diapers longer now too which is also another reason some kids are probably becoming diaper lovers now which is okay.

I have a neighbor who has a 6 year old boy who is not potty trained and he seems to love his diapers too.

I've seen him out in the yard this summer running around in his diaper and shirt and shoes.

He was wearing a size 7 Gentle Steps diaper which is what his parents buy for him.
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Thanks for your comment.

Do you know anything about the other users I mentioned (besides diaperpapillonfigweb)? Or are there more parents of diapered kids I could talk to? Like, anyone else I don’t know about?
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answered Oct 29, 2022 by Dgrendude (300 points)
I'm a dad to an 8 year old son and a 10 year old son who have bed wetting issues.

They wear diapers for bed wetting and they also enjoy wearing them so I let them wear them during the day as well when they want too.

I found out by walking in on my sons one day but on different days and they were in their bedroom wearing just a diaper and sitting on the computer looking at pictures of kids in diapers.

They both ran and hid when I caught them but I just laughed in a good way and said oh that is what you're hiding from me?

I told them it was okay that they were wearing diapers for fun or whenever they want too.

They both told me that they loved to wear the diapers and asked if they could wear them whenever they wanted too.

I said sure and I told them I would be glad to buy them more diapers so they can have them.

Both my 8 year old and 10 year old fit into a size 7 Gentle Steps diaper.

They wear them for bed wetting and when away from home whenever they want too as well.

The Gentle Steps size 7 diapers are very absorbent and they are comfortable in them as well.

They also both have pacifiers that they like to suck on too.

Both my sons were buying some of their own extra diapers to wear so they would not get noticed about going through more diapers than they normally would during the night.

But I told them that I would gladly buy them for them now.

I see it as harmless that they or anyone else wants to wear diapers for fun.

They both run around the house around me and their mom wearing just diapers and are more comfortable now.

I love both my boys and will accept them no matter what.

To any other parents that have kids that love to wear diapers I say you should accept them as what they are doing is harmless and you should love your kids no matter what.

They've been wearing just a diaper and shirt today and running around the house that way.
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Oh, that is wonderful!!!! I am so glad to hear this!!!!

So you said your boys like wearing their diapers during the day… they ever use the bathroom when they need to go, or do they always just use their diapers as their toilet?
commented Oct 29, 2022 by Dgrendude (300 points)
When my boys are wearing the diapers during the day they just use the diapers as the toilet.

They like going pee and poop in the diapers.

Both of them love sitting around in wet and poopy diapers and don't mind it.

There's some days they decide not to wear diapers but if they want to wear them full time they can.

I've been browsing through this website and found that other kids love diapers as well.

I'm glad I saw your post as it made me want to sign up.

I'll tell my boys about this website too and hopefully they will post on here too.
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You mentioned that your kids were buying diapers for themselves? But they’re only 8 and 10 years old. How can they be doing that on their own at such a young age?
commented Oct 29, 2022 by Dgrendude (300 points)
My boys get an allowance of around $20.00 per week each from us.

They can spend the money any way they would like or save some which they do some of it, so they used that allowance to buy diapers.

We have a Dollar General store just a few blocks down from our house so they can walk or ride their bicycles to the dollar store.

They said to me that they were really embarrassed at first buying the diapers but then they got used to it and also would use the self checkout lane that our Dollar General store has.

Now they don't have to spend their allowance on the diapers unless they want to still buy some different diapers whenever they want too.
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Email me Dgrendude. I have a lot of ideas for ur boys. Just email me

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commented Oct 30, 2022 by Danieldiap (4,000 points)
That's awesome you're such a great dad to let them wear diapers.
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Ahhh, okay. That makes sense, then.
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How long have they been wearing diapers? When did they start?
commented Oct 30, 2022 by Chick-A-fil (440 points)
Are your boys potty trained, or not?
commented Oct 31, 2022 by Dgrendude (300 points)
My boys have been wearing diapers since they were potty trained at a month before they turned 4.

My boys were both late potty trainers and they both potty trained right around a month before they turned 4 years old.

However they have been wetting the bed even after potty training since then so they have always been in diapers at night.

I told them about the site and they said they would sign up and post so hopefully they will soon.

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