What are the benefits of renewable energy?

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What are the benefits of renewable energy?

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1 major benefit of renewable energy is that it can never run out and can be eventually replaced.

A good form of renewable energy is wind energy. As long as there is wind they'll be electricity generated through wind turbines. This type of electricity generation cannot run out like it could if we were to use natural gas or coal for our electricity generation.

Wind will always be around so generating electricity using wind is a great thing.

Also heating with wood. Although trees can take years to grow to full size to be used for wood heat the wood can always be replaced and will always be around.

So when we burn wood for heat that energy is renewable as well.

Natural gas will eventually run out and takes millions of years to be replaced.

And coal I don't think it could be replaced ever so it's important that we start using forms of renewable energy.

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