Does the standard size affect the purchase of a backpack?

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asked Oct 5, 2022 in UPS by yazd (370 points)

When buying a children's backpack, is the standard size important to you?

Have you ever bought a children's backpack and later found out that the size was not suitable for your child?

Share your opinion with me

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answered Oct 22, 2022 by Writerwife (9,210 points)
I always just buy my children's backpacks in store so they can try it on to see if it fits them properly and to see it physically to know if they have enough space in the backpack which they usually do.

However I have found that my kids backpacks were sometimes too small in that they would not hold enough stuff they needed for school.

Now I just buy the next size up to ensure they have enough space in their backpack.

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