Should I read my 12 year olds text messages?

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Should I read my 12 year olds text messages?

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You should read your 12 year olds text messages and keep an eye on who they are talking to through text as well as on the internet.

There's predators out there that can be preying on your 12 year old or kids and they could decide to meet up with them which is a very dangerous situation.

Although your 12 year old or kid may hate you reading the text messages and viewing their internet history it's the safe thing to do.

The rights of a teenager and child are.

Access to information.
Right to Privacy.
Freedom of Thought.
Right to Education.
Protection from Harm.
Family and Non Discrimination.

When you're a teenager living with your parents you must do what they tell you to do and obey them.

Your parents have a right to punish you such as spanking you and taking things away from you as punishment.

Parents should take away phones as punishment.

If the child or teen is misbehaving and not doing what they are supposed to do and the parents paid for the phone and the phone bill then the parents have every right to take away the phone as punishment or take away the phone from the child or teen when they see fit to do so.

When a child is misbehaving the parent must correct the child and show them who is boss and not let the child or teen run things in the house.

A child should be spanked, grounded, phones taken away as well as other fun things including the computer unless they need the computer to do school work on.

I've taken away my kids phones as punishment and even though they didn't like it they turned out just fine.

I've also spanked my kids as punishment and they are just fine from the spankings as well.

Even myself I was spanked as a child and I'm glad my parents spanked me even though I hated it at the time.

My parents spanking me made me turn out to be a good person and kept me from getting into worse trouble.

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