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asked Sep 25, 2022 in Television by Omeres (4,290 points)
Do you like discovery channel? What are you watching on discovery channel? How to activate this service?

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I love watching the discovery channel and have watched the discovery channel for a long time now.

A few of the shows I love watching on the discovery channel are The Single Life, Guy's Ranch Kitchen, Halloween Baking Championship, Alone and Home Town.

To activate the discovery channel with your TV provider you will need to contact your TV provider to have them activate it.

If you're using a Roku TV or Roku device then you can activate the discovery channel by searching the channels and installing the Discovery channel.
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answered Sep 26, 2022 by Gafd (2,860 points)

Hello there. Discovery Channel is a thematic educational and entertainment satellite TV channel that offers many interesting documentaries about science, history, and the natural world. If you want to learn more about the channel, then contact the discovery channel customer service and the manager will tell you a lot of interesting and entertaining information that will help you fall in love with this channel even more.

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