Lighting for growing plants

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asked Sep 22 in Gardening by Luminoros (720 points)
I have taken up growing various crops. Now I'm on the lookout for good lighting. Can someone give me a good suggestion?

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answered Sep 22 by Funtzer (720 points)

It's not that difficult to find a lamp for lighting, now there are many sites that help with their reviews and expert opinion. Here you can find tips on Grow Light and understand which bulbs are best to use. You understand the benefits of different lamps, wavelengths, how they affect plant growth, etc. That way you can find the perfect light and the perfect bulb for you.

commented Sep 22 by Luminoros (720 points)
Thank you for your tips, they are really very helpful. I chose the T8 bulbs for myself. It fits the wavelength, and for my plants it is perfect lighting.

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