Hi Chad, any update on the situation with imgvek?

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asked Sep 21, 2022 in ABDL by JMarsy125 (7,210 points)

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answered Sep 21, 2022 by chad (14,670 points)
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The update on imgvek.com is that the domain is still disabled and they are not telling me why they have disabled it or if they will enable the domain age.

I cannot even get the domain to where I can transfer it to to another registrar.

I may register a new domain with a new registrar and then bring the site back online that way.

I'm trying to get through to someone who can help me better and give me more information than what I'm getting from the domain registrars customer service who is not telling me why the domain was disabled.

I was given no warning or reason why it was disabled and the domain was suddenly just disabled.

This makes me mad that it happened.

Hopefully I can get the site back online soon.

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