Do you live around cornfields Pamperslover

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asked Sep 16, 2022 in Answerpail by mwalker1996 (9,270 points)
Do you live around a cornfield in KS? I'm sure eating corn on the cob in diaper sounds nice.

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answered Sep 17, 2022 by Pamperslover (25,840 points)
I'm currently back in Kansas for awhile but I'm actually moving to Arkansas so I will no longer be residing in Kansas soon.

But where I currently am there are cornfields but not really close by.

I think the closet cornfield I can remember seeing is around 10 miles away down a highway.

I do love to eat corn though and it is fun to eat corn in a diaper.

I love sitting at a picnic table wearing just my diaper and having a picnic and I do eat corn on the cob sometimes which is fun and good.

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