How do you use a hookah for the first time?

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Hookahs, also known as water pipes, are smoking tool that has become quite popular across the globe. If you are a first-timer planning to use a hookah, here are a few steps you need to take care of:

Start by disassembling each component of the hookah and cleaning it with water, excluding the hose. Before using any parts, clean them all and allow them to air dry.

Fill the metal stem with cold water to an inch, leaving some gaps to allow the smoke to pass.

Insert the shaft all the way to the base of the vase and ensure the top rubber piece is tight enough for an easy pull.

Now that the hose is attached, you can check the airflow by inserting it into the shaft and inhaling through it.

Once everything is in order, set the metal tray on top of the shaft and stir the sheesha you want.

Sheesha should be packed into the bowl loosely to allow airflow and then covered with heavy-duty foil with holes punched into it.

Lastly, set the bowl atop the hookah shaft and light three coals, keeping them on the foil. Your hookah will be prepared for use once the bowl has warmed up. Check out here to know more -

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Enjoy the social ritual of hookah, a centuries-old tradition that brings people together to savor flavorful tobacco blends of The water pipe, or hookah, provides a unique and relaxed way to indulge in aromatic smoke, fostering conversations and camaraderie.

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Shisha, the flavored tobacco used in hookah, comes in a variety of enticing flavors like apple, mint, and peach. Each session becomes a sensory journey as the fragrant smoke swirls around, creating a calming atmosphere and a taste experience that lingers.

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