Does your Nephew get errections, Pamperslover?

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asked Sep 15, 2022 in ABDL by mwalker1996 (9,270 points)
Does your nephew get errections from diapers despite being so young?

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answered Sep 15, 2022 by Pamperslover (25,840 points)
Yes he does get erections from diapers even being so young.

I used to get erections at his age as well and would masturbate in diapers as well.

Both me and him always get erections from diapers and even just seeing a pack of diapers or a diaper or even smelling baby powder he gets an erection and so do I.

He went with me on a camping trip from Kansas to Arkansas over the summer and he wore diapers all the time and never used the toilet.

He's still back in diapers now full time and he's being home schooled.

He left back home with his parents and I made it back to Kansas and I'm at my house in Kansas now.

But am moving to Arkansas but we will be seeing each other again often and he and his parents are also very likely gonna move to Arkansas close to me at least by next summer.

His parents are okay with him being in diapers full time and that is what he wants.

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