Do you feel guilty having pleasure seeing kids wear diapers

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Do you feel wrong for enjoying watching kids in diapers?

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I used to feel guilty about enjoying watching kids in diapers or viewing pictures of kids in diapers and getting pleasure out of them.

However I don't feel as guilty now although I do still sometimes on some days feel some slight guilt and feel kind of wrong about it.

But for me I stopped feeling as much guilt about having pleasure of kids wearing diapers as it's just the kid wearing the diaper and more of the diaper itself that the kid is wearing that gives me pleasure.

Seeing kids in underwear or naked does nothing for me so it's not the attraction towards the kid but instead the diaper the kid is wearing.

Even if the kid was not wearing the diaper and I saw just a diaper even on a doll or just laying around It would still give me pleasure so it's the diaper that gets me excited and not the kid or person wearing it.

I get erections and aroused when I walk down the diaper aisle in the store and I can never resist not buying a pack of diapers.

Just yesterday I was in Dollar General shopping for some groceries and I told myself I had enough diapers but to not go down the diaper aisle.

I resisted for a few minutes and then went back down to the diapers and then told myself again not too buy them.

Then I went ahead and put 2 packages of Gentle Steps size 7 diapers in my cart.

So I now have 40 more Gentle Steps size 7 diapers.

My nephew wears them and I modify them myself to fit into them even though they don't fit perfectly but they are very absorbent and very squishy when wet.

I also remove the cloth cover to make them feel even better.

As to the feeling guilty I also felt guilty seeing the Diaper Boy Tommy Pictures back when I was 13 when I discovered his pictures and other kids in diapers pictures.

I always have Diaper Boy Tommy on my old CRT screen like I used to view him as a 13 year old when i first found him.

The one I mostly have on for some reason is the one of him sitting on the floor and I just really enjoy that picture although I also enjoy his other pictures and wish it were me wearing that diaper at his age.

I also love to lay down and relax in my diaper and pose like Diaper Boy Tommy in the second picture.

Diaper Boy Tommy 8 year old diaper boy8 year old boy wet pampers diaper Tommy Diaper Boy

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