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Hi, can anyone recommend any unusual wedding ring for a man? Thanks in advance.

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The best wedding bands or wedding rings for men or Mens Tungsten Wedding Bands.

Tungsten is one of the sturdiest, most durable materials you can use and want for mens wedding bands (it's quite literally the strongest metal on Earth).

The average price of a men's wedding band will range from somewhere between $100.00 and $2,000.00

The average price that most people spend on a men's wedding band is around $600.00.

It's mostly going to depend on the material chosen, while the style may also affect the price

Tungsten is man-made and one of the strongest metals on earth.

In fact, it is four times stronger than titanium, making tungsten the most durable metal option for a men's wedding ring.

Tradition has it that each person pays for the other person's ring.

So in a traditional wedding, the groom or his family would pay for the bride's ring, and the bride or her family would pay for the groom's ring.
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