Cuties now making a size 8 Youth Diaper?

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asked Aug 17, 2022 in Incontinence by diaperedbottom (1,010 points)
Cuties now making a size 8 Youth Diaper?

I noticed Cuties is now making and selling a size 8 Youth Diaper like their size 7 Cuties diapers.

Has anyone tried these yet?

Supposedly these Cuties size 8 Youth Diapers are supposed to fit up to 58 lbs and they are called boundless diapers size 8

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answered Aug 31, 2022 by Pamperslover (25,510 points)
I haven't tried the cuties size 8 diapers yet but will soon when they arrive in a few days.

I've ordered some cuties size 8 Boundless diapers from Amazon and they should be here tomorrow or the next day.

When I get them hopefully soon I'll let you know how they fit.

They look promising and if I can almost fit into a size 7 diaper I should be able to fit better into a size 8 cuties diaper.

The cuties size 8 diapers are made for older kids as well.

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