Would you use diaper punishment on your kid or teen if they were misbehaving?

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asked Aug 15, 2022 in ABDL by diaperedbottom (1,090 points)
Would you use diaper punishment on your kid or teen if they were misbehaving?

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answered Aug 16, 2022 by Diaperboy1988 (4,410 points)
I would use diaper punishment on my kid or teen if they were misbehaving.

If my kid or teen were misbehaving I would make them wear a diaper and treat them like a baby and toddler.

I would give them the full baby treatment and make them drink from bottles, suck on pacifiers, sleep in a crib, wear just a diaper around the house and play with baby toys.

I would take my kid or teen outside in just a diaper as well in our yard and let them play that way.

In fact to begin with though I would likely not ever potty train my kids so that they would be in diapers all the time regardless.

And I would also keep treating them as a toddler while they lived with me so it keeps them from misbehaving.
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answered Aug 17, 2022 by Ts2021 (1,500 points)
I don’t have any kids, but I would have to say no, I would not do this under any circumstances.

It is unethical and it might be illegal.
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answered Aug 17, 2022 by Aporkchop (7,660 points)
I would not diaper punish my kids or teens for misbehaving.

However I would spank my kids and ground them if they were misbehaving.

Although if my kids or teens needed to wear diapers then I would suggest that they do wear diapers such as for bed wetting but I would not force it on them.

My younger brother was wetting the bed until he was 17 and our parents suggested that he wear diapers for the bed wetting.

At first he did not want to wear them but after a week of waking up in a wet bed he decided he would try wearing the diapers.

He was 5 years old and wore the Pampers thick plastic backed diapers that were noticeable but he got used to them and preferred to wear them.

It was kept discrete and he wore them until around 10 when he outgrew them and then they switched him to Youth diapers.

Then he wore adult diapers until he quit wetting the bed at 17.

So diapers can be a good thing but a kid should not be punished by wearing diapers nor should they be made to wear diapers unless they absolutely need them.

You certainly should not humiliate the kid by taking them in public wearing just a diaper like a toddler as that can lead to bad things and the kid may even commit the S word which is not good.

Humiliating a child is never good but kids do need punishments but you must do the proper punishments.
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answered Aug 18, 2022 by Breathofair (5,540 points)
No I would not use diaper punishment on my kid or teen if they were misbehaving.

If you get found out by CPS or the law then you could get into trouble for child abuse especially if you take the diaper punishment too far.

For example if you were to force the child to wear a diaper and then take them out in public wearing just the diaper, shirt and shoes to humiliate them then someone could turn you in and you could get into trouble.

It's never good to humiliate your child and there's other better ways to punish and discipline your child without embarrassing them.

However if the kid or teen is wetting their pants and needs a diaper or pull up then that is okay but it should not be used as punishment.

I'll link to an article about some parents who forced their kid to wear a diaper and the dad even sent the boy to school wearing just a diaper, shirt and shoes.

Later on the dad murdered his son and is being charged with murder.

Now not every parent who diaper punishes their kid murders them or harms them physically but it's still not good to harm them emotionally.

Here's part of the story about the boy being sent to school wearing just a diaper.


It was nearly three months after that initial August report when social services were told that Noah had come to school without pants.

He was wearing only a diaper with a shirt and shoes.

It’s unclear who made the report but it describes Noah’s father as saying, “if he wants to be a baby, I’m sending him to school in a diaper.”

His father also said Noah had a change of shorts in his backpack.

But when Noah went to the school restroom to change his clothes, he came out wearing “red/pink girl’s shorts and a zip-up hoodie with butterflies on it,” the report states.

He told the person who called social services that wearing the clothes made him “sad,” and the school principal went to Target to get him another change of clothes after other children teased him.


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